The year was 2020. At the turn of the decade, it was supposed to be a year of hope and excitement. But, as the days went by and weeks passed, we realized that this was no ordinary pandemic as things just went from bad to worse. Many people lost their jobs, others lost the ability to make ends meet. Loved ones were dying alone in hospital wards.

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we saw our existing businesses decline significantly. We realized that we had to adapt with the times, but how? How could we make a difference?

Amid all the chaos, incredible stories started pouring in from all over the world about how people were coming together during these difficult times. From the self-sacrifice of healthcare workers to the amazing acts of kindness and generosity demonstrated by strangers towards those in need, the pandemic was bringing out the very best in humanity. We were also inspired to make a difference, to help fight back against the virus. And this is how Niels Ryberg was born.

Named in honour of the founder of modern phototherapy and UV technology, our flagship sterilizers allow users to maintain safe hygiene practices easily and effectively, therefore helping them to keep safe without any compromise on their wellbeing. Our pledge to you is to discover and curate only the best products that focus on your wellbeing and lifestyle. We are serious about carrying the mantle of our namesake who devoted his life in research to benefiting humanity.

We are Niels Ryberg. Technology for Humanity.